Editing and grading in Davinci Resolve

An Auto Didactic with a calm creative mind, I was a Rock star at the age of 19, living the dream, touring and on TV.


In 1991 I started theoretical research on the affects of sound and colour. Late 90's, I dabbled in 16mm film,  35mm stills, then the web came along and changed everything! Always an early adopter, I  was on board with Logic Audio on mac and designing websites in HTML (Yikes, so long ago). I was lured back into cinematography by recent quality digital cameras, bought a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and dove into it's companion program for colouring, Davinci Resolve, I studied colour grading online with Patrick Inhofer of Mixing Light Academy.


My experience so far is on Music Videos and Short Films. I own a small post production suite for editing and colouring in Davinci.


I'm keen to work solo or small crew on projects or a larger crews. Camera, Assistant, Boom, Sound Recordist,, and of course Colour Correction and Grading in Davinci Resolve.


I've continued my skills with the web over the years which encompass, UI & UX, SEO, SEM and Social Media Management. I design in ADOBE, and manage the website you are on now. Which involves the associated social media platforms. A man of many hats and skills, and I still play bass.


Based in Sydney, Australia


I play bass with The Willing Ponies


Paul Abrahams

Creative Director

Vudo Media


Gear List:


2 x MFT Blackmagic Cameras


Metabones Speedbooster


Zeiss Lenses (new & vintage)


Miller Tripods


Teac 4 Track Recorder


MKH 416 Mike & Boom


Wireless Lapel Mikes


2 x High Quality Led Lights (90+ CRI)


Post Production:


Davinci Resolve Software


iMac & RAID system (2.5K Raw Video capable)


Flanders 10bit Grading Monitor


Focusrite AD/DA  & Emes Monitors





Cinematograher - Colour Grading

Musician - UI-UX Design - SEO-SEM

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Editing and grading in Davinci Resolve
Editing and grading in Davinci Resolve